The Frank Zappa Songbook Vol.1

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Transcriptions by Ian Underwood
Frank Zappa Music, Inc and Munchkin Music Co., Los Angeles, Calif., 1973
Distributed by "Big3"
Pages: 127

Cover by Cal Schenkel: color cartoon of FZ in his studio, writing a manuscript, with much recording equipment around, piles of tapes, and a "Aces High" pinball machine. Back cover: same as front cover, in negative.
Inside front and back cover: sinister-looking photo of FZ, highly processed Transcription credits: All piano arrangements by Ian Underwood, with one exception (Piano Intro to "Little House", by FZ).
Photographs in book: Ray Leong, Terry Moore, Bernard Gardner, Alice Ochs, Ed Caraeff.
Illustrations in book: Leo Limon, Richard E. Brown, Corny Cole, Gary Lund.

Pages 7-9 are occupied with storylines from Ruben & The Jets, Uncle Meat and The Legend of Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus & His Grand Wazoo. [The same material which can be found in the albums.]

The Frank Zappa Songbook, Vol. 1 is a collection of sheet music. The Songbook contains piano transcriptions for
Brown Shoes Don't Make It
Mother People
Igor's Boogie
Penis Dimension
How Could I Be Such A Fool
Let's Make The Water Turn Black
Oh No
America Drinks And Goes Home
Son Of Suzy Creamcheese
Excerpt from Music For Electric Violin And Low-Budget Symphony Orchestra (piano with concert pitch melody line)
Excerpt from Music For Electric Violin And Low-Budget Symphony Orchestra (transposed Bb Clarinet part)
I'm Not Satisfied
Mom & Dad
Absolutely Free
Uncle Meat
The Idiot Bastard Son
Piano Introduction to Little House I Used To Live In (revised)

There is a section of FZ's manuscripts, which are labeled "of limited interest". The manuscripts include a first sketch from the recording session of Waka/Jawaka, (only one page, with coffee stains, which quickly degenerates into scribbling). Two extracts from the "Pleated Gazelles" section of 200 Motels: "Nun Suit" (looks like piano + vocal) and "The Girl, In a Statement to the Press, Explains" (full score). The full score (orchestra) for "Can I Help You with this Dummy", which was originally scheduled for use in 200 Motels.