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A monologue by Warren Cuccurullo in which he describes working in New York City and meeting a beautiful woman at the Empire State Building, who turns out to be endowed with a penis. This may be Warren's first appearance with Zappa - he says he's "with friend Vinnie, who should be here". This is not a reference to Vinnie Colaiuta. It seems Ms. X was International Chrysis (born Billy Schumacher), the Bronx-born drag queen.

Andrew Greenaway wrote: "When I interviewed him in 1994, Warren assured me the story was true, adding, 'I told [Frank] it in Florida and he recorded it. He laughed all the way through. As the shows progressed, he said, 'I really want you to do it with us.' I changed the name for the show. I think he was testing me to see if I could handle it. And I handled it!'

"In his recently published memoir, Warren's brother states that Ms. X was Ernest Aron/Liz Eden, who's desire for sex reassignment surgery was the reason behind the robbery portrayed in the excellent film, Dog Day Afternoon. (Chris Sarandon played the character, re-named Leon in the film.)"

"Warren however corrects this: he assures me that Ms X was in fact International Chrysis (born Billy Schumacher), the Bronx-born drag queen and protégé of Salvador Dalí. (Chrysis appears alongside Nick Nolte in Sidney Lumet’s film, Q&A.) 'Liz was a friend, though: I went to the premiere of Dog Day with her and her boyfriend, Tony. That was the first time I was ever flash-photographed, à la rock stardom!' "

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