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DoRo Produktion GmbH

Founded around 1976 by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher, working as directors and producers for ORF, ARD, ZDF.

Hannes Rossacher was anchor-man (rather -boy) in his late teens of the bi-weekly TV-magazine "Ohne Maulkorb" by the ORF (Oesterreichischer Rundfunk), doing the interviews and wielding the microphone, while Hannes Rossacher operated the cameras. "Ohne Maulkorb" (translated "Without Muzzle") was a youth-orientated, Austrian bi-weekly TV show, which was aired from the end of the 60's to the second half of the 80's. Each episode lasted 45–60 minutes and comprised documentaries about socio-political and musical issues.

The special in-breeding structure of the post-war monopolized ORF (working as mouthpiece for the respektive administrations) enabled them to build up DoRo, which rapidly grew doing virtually every interview and docu on rock groups, show stars and celebs like Queen, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Frank Zappa, Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis, Lou Bega, Bon Jovi and many German and Austrian local acts.

In their heyday they called themselves "Torpedo Twins", maybe without knowing that the two characters in "Diamonds Are Forever" by Ian Fleming were a homosexual couple under the same name working as killers for a Las Vegas syndicate.

In Austrian newspapers they often described themselves as Zappa's friends. There are several remarks in interviews with Frank Zappa were he comments on their presence: FZ, smirking, "Aw, not them again!", or doing his last interview with them: "Take your fucking cameras and come over to L.A. ..."

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