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The Zappanale is an annual music festival organized by the Arf Society in Bad Doberan, Germany since 1990. It features Zappa cover bands, but also alternative music in general. It's usually organized near the end of July.

In 2002 the organizers raised a bust of Zappa in the centre of the city. It was sculpted by Václav Cesák.

In November 2007 the Zappa heirs sued the festival for copyright infringement. Two years later the court ruled in favor of the Zappanale organizers, thus the event could continue. [1]

In 2015 they released a book called "We Are The Other People", chronicling their history. [2] The book featured a foreword by Zappa's sister, Candy Zappa and contributions from Morgan Ågren, Jean-Luc Ponty, Chris Opperman, Co de Kloet, Terry Bozzio, Pierrejean Gaucher, Gary Lucas, Albert Wing, Ed Mann, Ray White, Robert Martin, Tom Fowler, Don Preston, Adrian Belew, Denny Walley, Ed Palermo, Jono El Grande, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ben Watson, among others. [3]


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