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Zappa Plays Zappa in Copenhagen, 2006

Zappa Plays Zappa (short: ZPZ) is a Frank Zappa-tribute band, lead by his son Dweezil Zappa with various musicians who originally worked with Frank Zappa invloved as special guests. The band toured worldwide in 2006 and 2007, the tours were titled as "Accept no substitutes" or "Tour de Frank".

Line up

Core Players

Zappa Plays Zappa band[1]:

Special Guests

2006 shows

2007 shows

ZPZ shows

The set lists of their live shows consists of Frank Zappa's songs and music, such as "Joe's Garage", "Uncle Remus", "Muffin Man", "Illinois Enema Bandit", "Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy", "City Of Tiny Lites". The concerts include some improvisations as well. During the 2007 tours on several songs there was a video projection of Frank Zappa's original live footage with an audio track of his voice and guitar, accompanied with ZPZ playing live.

ZPZ Tours

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  • 2006 May-June: Europe & North America
  • 2006 October, December: North America
  • 2007 July-August: North America
  • 2007 September-November: ZPZ Fall Tour: Europe/North America
  • 2007 November-December: Australian Tour: ZPZ In OZ

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