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[[wikipedia:Wayne Shorter|Wayne Shorter]]<br>
[[wikipedia:Wayne Shorter|Wayne Shorter]]<br>
[[Category:Jazz Composers|Shorter, Wayne]]
[[Category:Jazz Composers|Shorter, Wayne]]
[[Category:Saxophonists|Shorter, Wayne]]
[[Category:Celebrity Fans|Shorter, Wayne]]
[[Category:Celebrity Fans|Shorter, Wayne]]

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Wayne Shorter (August 25, 1933) is an American jazz composer and saxophonist.

Commonly regarded as one of the more important American jazz sax players and composers since the 1960s, Shorter has recorded dozens of albums as a leader, and appeared on dozens more with others. Many of his compositions have become standards.

"Oh yes. I've heard it and I laughed my butt off, you know. I thought it was really funny. I met him a couple of times and I was always in awe of his mind. I think his mind, much like Prince, is pretty amazing. I thought it was in good fun. I believe on the same record he made fun of Bob Dylan (presumably a reference to 'Flakes'), so I was just really grateful to be in the company of Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa."
As far as the other kind of stuff, it is true that I'm very limited on the harmony chord texture but at the same time, I'm very grateful that I get to play with John Lee Hooker and Wayne Shorter. I used to be harder on myself for not knowing the things that other people know. Then again, I feel things Frank Zappa could never feel, so I think it's pretty even Stevens. I was sad when he left because I think we need forces like him to show us and share with us Mozart-like operas and Mozart-like involved muscle intellect (laughs).

Carlos Santana in Variations On The Carlos Santana Secret Interview

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