Very Distraughtening

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The second half’s opening vocal that sounds like it’s coming from a drunk guy trying to sing along with the mainstream music that’s been darting in and out -- something like “ba-BOMP-BODDY!” -- will, with the release of The Lost Episodes, reveal itself to be a fragment of “Ronnie Sings?”, a recording of Frank’s boyhood friend Ronnie Williams (who introduced him to Paul Buff of Pal Studios, which would become Studio Z) making rough-throated scat sounds to Frank’s guitar accompaniment in an Ontario living room in 1961 or ‘62. Ronnie’s booger-saving, fart-lighting and accidental urine-creature-making activities are among the subjects of “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black” on the Money album; that song also cuts momentarily to the voice. It figures into the plot here as a “little pig with wings” (even though it sounds more like a goat with emphysema).

The pig will fly around inside the piano again on Civilization, Phaze III. In 1975, Frank will record a long, comical piece called “The Adventures of Greggery Peccary,” concerning a pig who sits in his office and comes up with trends to sell to the world’s youth. When talking about the pigs not being able to question any part of their system, lest their livelihoods be threatened (the perspective-clouding “smoke” must be kept stationary), Spider mentions “that thing on their neck,” a precursor to the tie markings on Greggery.