Uncle Meat

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The teeth motif on the front and back covers satirized the old teenybopper posters that had featured "kissable close-ups" of the Beatles' lips, gums and teeth.

While speaking to Bob Marshall on 10/22/88, Frank said that "the funny thing about [the title "Nine Types of Industrial Pollution"] is that at the time it was put on Uncle Meat, there was no such thing as a concern over industrial pollution. It hadn't even been brought up as a topic... [I used the name as] a joke after driving through New Jersey."

"Zolar Czakl" is the name of a rock-climbing route in Boulder Canyon, Colorado. It's unknown whether Frank named the piece after the route because he found the name amusing, or if the route was named after the piece.

"Electric Aunt Jemima" was Frank's nickname for his guitar amplifier.