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Unauthorized Compilations
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Released 1975

"Rock Flashbacks: Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention"




Side One

  1. Why Don't You Do Me Right
  2. Who Needs The Peace Corps
  3. Concentration Moon
  4. Mom And Dad
  5. Bow Tie Daddy
  6. Harry You're A Beast
  7. What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?
  8. Absolutely Free
  9. Cheap Thrills
  10. Excerpt From Lumpy Gravy - Almost Chinese / Oh No / Switching Girls
  11. Wowie Zowie

Side Two

  1. Flower Punk
  2. Later That Night
  3. Let's Make The Water Turn Black
  4. Lonely Little Girl
  5. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
  6. What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (reprise)
  7. America Drinks
  8. Status Back Baby
  9. Uncle Bernie's Farm
  10. Son Of Suzy Cream Cheese
  11. Big Leg Emma

Release Notes

Liner Notes

Background Information

Issued in the UK as a sampler by Polydor when they took over the distribution of the Verve catalogue from EMI and reissued the Verve albums.

This was the first LP to include Big Leg Emma and Why Don't You Do Me Right?.

Who Needs The Peace Corps?, Concentration Moon, Absolutely Free, and Let's Make The Water Turn Black are the "heavily edited" versions.

Excerpt From Lumpy Gravy is a unique edit.

Conceptual Continuity


ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
n/a Unknown 1 LP Polydor/Verve Standard
2352 057
1975-04-11 None   UK edition.
1 LP Polydor/Verve Standard
2304 268
  None   French edition.
1 8T Verve Standard
3792 001?
  None   ?