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A city located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in Los Angeles County, California.

  • Billy The Mountain: "However, we can assure parents in the Southern California area that a recent marcotics crack-down in Torrance"

From The Rolling Stone Interviews Vol. 1:

Frank Zappa:"When you're scuffling in bars for zero to seven dollars per night per man, you think about money first. There's always the hope held out that if you stick together long enough you'll make money and you'll get a record contract. It all sounded like science fiction then, because this was during the so-called British invasion and if you didn't sound like the Beatles or the Stones, you didn't get hired. We weren't going about it that way. We'd play something weird and we'd get fired. I'd say hang on and we'd move to another go-go bar – the Red Flame in Pomona, the Shack in Fontana, the Tom Cat in Torrance."