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You always see the future by looking backwards, okay?

Let's look backwards.

"Rock 'n' roll"

1950, rock 'n' roll is born.

It's an awkward youthly sense of humor, a lot of raw emotion and a terrible reputation because it's a juvenile delinquant.

10 years later, it grows a conscience and it's getting the bad rap because: "Hey, look what you're doing with the [?] mongoloïds with the long hair," and all this stuff, you know that s[ort of]-...

In the 70's, it goes suburban, corporate rock comes in, it blends out.

The 80's arrive, everybody bends over.

If, you know, Falwell's pulls a string, the enema comes out, the entire industry goes "Hey, thanks a lot! We needed that!", okay?

Broadcasters have bent over, the record companies bent over, the songwriters -either out of ignorance- ah, w[eren't]- they weren't informed of what's happening or they just wanted to keep their mouth shut to protect their interest.

Nobody said anything.

And meanwhile, these women with the collars up to here, who sit there like that, and with husbands in high place are going around, doing the most outrageous things with your rights.

You know they chose the record industry because it's very easy to make fun of people who look and act different than you.

They love it that somebody from Mötley Crüe's got hair up like this and make up and this stuff you know, and they show pictures of: "Look at this! Do you want your child to ..." you know, that!

And they've been doing that since the beginning.

They did it with Elvis Presley. And before that, they did it with the fact that a lot of performers were black: "Do you want your children listening to music by negros?"

You know it took years before they could even get that kind of music on white people's radio stations.

And then white people suddenly say: "Hey, big money here! Boom! Rock 'n' roll!"

But, what they're doing now i[s]- is very- it's critical at this point now.

Because unless somebody stands up and says: "This has got to stop now. The 90's are not going to be bent over, they're gonna be lying down."

They're either gonna be lying down, or they're gonna be walking like this dressed like the people in Red China."

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