This Ain't CNN

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Ali: I bin grad nei' kimma, und do hob I g'sehn, daß . . .
Stefan: Ah, Bayern raus!
Mike: This ain't the U.N., man!
Daryl: Scusate un po'. Io non ho capito un cazzo
Mike: Hey, yo man!
Ali: Versteh' kein Wort, I bin jetzt in dem Klavier herinna, und's klingt so komisch . . .
Bill: Die spreekt geen normal taal.
Mike: This ain't CNN
Moon: Am I the only girl in here?
Stefan: Uh, huh . . .
Moon: It is dark and I am nervous . . .
Mike: Hey, hey, hey! She's with me, champ!
Franck: Turlututu, chapeau pointu.
Daryl: A me non importa da dove viene, a me non importa da dove sta andando.
Ali: Da kimmt ma' scho rum in dies'm Klavier, gell?
Moon: Honey, I don't like this . . .
Mike: Hey, yo, my man, my fists speak English!
Ali: I ned, I ned! Wenn I red, red scho' bay'risch . . .
Stefan: Oh, God . . .
Franck: . . . you think that English is the only . . . each language in the world . . .
(More mumbling and laughing among themselves)
Svoboda: Bevor Ich hier herein gekommen bin, hab Ich ein Pastrami Sandwich gegessen, das war tierisch gut . . .
Bill: This . . . this guy . . . this guy wants something to eat, man
Moon: I understood "pastrami sandwich"
Ali: Gebt's ihm ein Pony, gebt's ihm doch ein Pony . . .
Mike: In the brochure, they said that there was a good room service here
Moon: They said 24-hour room service . . .
Daryl: Did they give you a number?
Moon: Just dial the operator and they can tell us
Daryl: . . . the right information . . .
Mike: I haven't gotten an operator since I came here . . . excuse me . . . I asked you a couple a . . .
Moon: Can you put . . .
Mike: Excuse me . . . where's the pay phone?
Svoboda: Pay phone . . .
Mike: Pay phone
Moon: . . . We don't need . . .
Bill And Ali: Pay phone
Mike: How we gonna get the room service without the pay phone?
Svoboda: Pay phone . . . pay phone
Franck: Telephone de payer
Ali: De payer? . . . Ah - Ein Zahltelefon!
Hermann: Telefonkarte. Qualität und Sicherheit aus einer Hand
Bill: This guy doesn't even know what a pay phone is! What the hell is he doing here in the first place?
Hermann: Wir sind Deutschlands Kommunikationsgesellschaft.
Ali: Gestern waren wir, frühstücken, mittagessen . . .
Hermann: 30 11 03 1 1 4 3 6, Qualität aus einer Hand . . . Telekom.
Mike: Excuse me, we paid money . . . heh . . . to be alone . . . wit' some privacy . . .
Bill: Well that's just too bad. Uh, you could be alone someplace else
Mike: Hey, don't give me attitude
Daryl: Well, I guess we're supposed to move over
Stefan: Yeah, OK, let's move over a little bit
Mike: You're in my space, man!
Moon: Ow! Please . . . this is ridiculous
Daryl: Excuse me, no, there was a gun before here and . . .
Moon: Who? Did they leave a number we can call?
Daryl: Before these guys got here there was . . .
Svoboda: (Laughs)
Mike: Excuse me . . . Yo . . . Yo . . . you know where the phone is at, man?
Daryl: No, there was a gun here and . . .
Mike: Yo, I don't want trouble
Franck: If you want trouble, buy a drum, yeah?
Moon: . . . I know that this can all be worked out and . . .
Mike: Now . . . we don't gotta . . . we don't gotta go anywhere, sweetheart
Moon: No, but listen . . . listen . . . They told us we'd be alone and it seems that everyone is listening to us . . .
Mike: Who? This guy over here . . .
Bill: That's right. That's right, we're listening
Mike: What are you, a tough guy? I'm tough! I'm tough!
Moon: Honey. Honey
Bill: That's just the way it is. You can get tough all you want
Moon: OK . . . OK . . . let's all . . .
Mike: Well, maybe we should try to work this out together, but I know I want my space, champ!
Daryl: What do you mean? You bought this space?
Moon: This always happens. I don't understand . . .
Mike: That's right, I bought this space. You got a problem wit dat?
Daryl: Well, you know, it sort of feels like my space. I don't know . . .
Moon: You know what this feels like? I mean, yeah, why don't we buy the swamp land too?
Mike: Nobody said nothin' when y'all bought my people, right?
Stefan: Who's having this loud voice in this little grand piano?
Daryl: . . . a bit out of . . .
Mike: N.W.A., rap, hip-hop, the new thing, "Yo MTV Raps"
Stefan: Sonate, that's music
Mike: So who?
Stefan: Mozart, Alter . . . Mozart sach' ich, Alter
Mike: I like Public Enemy
Stefan: I like Mondschein Sonate
Mike: I like Brand Nubians, Big Daddy Kane
Ali: Des klingt so grauenhaft, des mecht I fei nimmer hörn . . .
Moon: Whatever he said, ditto. I don't understand but . . . I . . . I . . . feel that he said something I would probably approve of

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Notes About This Song

Several lines on this track are in different languages, including English, Italian, German and Dutch.

"Mondschein Sonate" is the German name for Ludwig van Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". N.W.A., Public Enemy, Brand Nubian and Big Daddy Kane are rap groups.

CC Clues In This Song