The Walking Zombie Music

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He came on a Saturday afternoon from Manchester, and said to meet him at the railway station. He was an unusually large man that no . . . He also wore a black jacket and pin-striped trousers and carried a Gladstone bag.

Hands up!

Although he did call [...], he stopped [...]. In fact, though you would expect an [...], he was a sensitive man, who could only sleep when [...] pillows had been forced into one pillowcase. My father was Wesleyan chapel steward and engaged him every second year to recite [...] people who had bought programs. If you called them tickets, they became liable to excise [...]. My father was a supporter of Wat Tyler. This minstrel used to deliver pocket versions of the classic books, such as Silas Marner and The Old Curiosity Shop.


69/06/06 London UK Royal Albert Hall

71/10/11 New York NY US Carnegie Hall



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