The Velours

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The Velours.

The Velours were an American doowop group who existed from 1953 until 1961. They briefly reformed in 1966-1967. The band is best known for their minor hit songs "Can I Come Over Tonight?" (1957), "Remember" (1958) and their Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom: "(Love Me) Love the Life I Lead" (1971).

Zappa and the Velours

Zappa named their song Can I Come Over Tonight as one of his Top 10 favorite records in the interview Faves, Raves And Composers In Their Graves, published in the UK magazine Let It Rock, June 1975. Zappa: "Any musicologist that can find that record and listen to the bass singer ... he's singing quintuplets and septulets. And considering where it came from and when it was made (it was on the East Coast Onyx label) it was amazing.". He also selected the song in the radio show Castaway's Choice (1989), hosted by John McNally, as one of the ten records he would take with him to a deserted island.

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