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{{Album Release Infobox |
    Home          = [[Album History (by Cover)|Album History]] |
    Previous album = [[The MOFO Project/Object|Previous]] |
    Next album    = &nbsp; |
    Cover          = MOFO.JPG |
    Name          = The MOFO cover |
    Released      = December 2006 |
    Related        = See also:<br>[[Freak Out!]]<br>[[The MOFO Project/Object|The MOFO]]
<div id="Disc 1"><big>'''Disc 1''' [[Freak Out!]] Original Vinyl [[Wikipedia:Stereophonic sound|Stereo]] Mix ([[Freak Out!#Versions|Version 1.1]])</big></div>
#[[Hungry Freaks, Daddy]] (3:33)
#[[I Ain't Got No Heart]] (2:35)
#[[Who Are The Brain Police?]] (3:26)
#[[Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder]] (3:43)
#[[Motherly Love]] (2:50)
#[[How Could I Be Such A Fool|How Could I Be Such A Fool?]] (2:17)
#[[Wowie Zowie]] (2:56)
#[[You Didn't Try To Call Me]] (3:22)
#[[Anyway The Wind Blows]] (2:56)
#[[I'm Not Satisfied]] (2:42)
#[[You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here]] (3:42)
#[[Trouble Every Day]] (5:53)
#[[Help, I'm A Rock]] (4:43)
#[[It Can't Happen Here]] (3:59)
#[[The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet|Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet]] (12:23)
<div id="Disc 2"><big>'''Disc 2''' None of these tracks have previously appeared in any format outside [[The Vault|the Vault]] other than the configuration offered herein</big></div>
#[[Hungry Freaks, Daddy|Hungry Freaks, Daddy, Vocal Overdub Take 1]]
#[[Anyway The Wind Blows|Anyway The Wind Blows, Vocal Overdub]]
#[[Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder|Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder, Vocal Overdub Take 2]]
#[[I Ain't Got No Heart|I Ain't Got No Heart, Vocal Overdub Master Take]]
#[[Motherly Love|Motherly Love, Vocal Overdub Master Takes]]
#[[I'm Not Satisfied|I'm Not Satisfied, 2nd Vocal Overdub Master Take 2 (Rough Mix)]]
#[[You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here|You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here, Vocal Overdub Take 1 (Incomplete) / Take 2 (Incomplete)]]
#[[Who Are The Brain Police?|Who Are The Brain Police, Basic Tracks]]
#[[How Could I Be Such A Fool|How Could I Be Such A Fool?, Basic Tracks]]
#[[Anyway The Wind Blows|Anyway The Wind Blows, Basic Tracks]]
#[[Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder|Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder, Basic Tracks]]
#[[I Ain't Got No Heart|I Ain't Got No Heart, Basic Tracks]]
#[[You Didn't Try To Call Me|You Didn't Try To Call Me, Basic Tracks]]
#[[Trouble Every Day|Trouble Every Day, Basic Tracks]]
#[[Help, I'm A Rock|Help, I'm A Rock, FZ Edit]]
#[[Who Are The Brain Police?|Who Are The Brain Police? (Section B), Alternate Take]]
#[[Groupie Bang Bang, unreleased track from Freak Out! Sessions]]
#[[Hold On To Your Small Tiny Horses, Nullis Pretii At Non-Composer Speed]]
<div id="Disc 3"><big>'''Disc 3''' All Tracks [[Wikipedia:Monaural|Mono]]</big></div>
#[[Objects (FZ directs Kim Fowley in crowd control...)]]
#[[Freak Trim (Kim Outs A Big Idea)]]
#[[Percussion Insert Session Snoop]]
#[[Freak Out Drum Track w/Timp. & Lion]]
#[[Percusiion Object 1 & 2]]
#[[Lion Roar & Drums from Freak Out!]]
#[[Vito Rocks The Floor (Grekk Out!)]]
#[["Low Budget Rock & Roll Band"]]
#[[Suzy Creamcheese (What's Got Into You?) (excerpt from interview 1971)]]
#[[66/06/24-25 San Francisco CA US Fillmore Auditorium|Live at Fillmore 25 June 1966]]
#[[Motherly Love]]
#[[You Didn't Try To Call Me]]
#[[I'm Not Satisfied]]
#[[Hungry Freaks, Daddy]]
#[[Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder]]
<div id="Disc 4"><big>'''Disc 4''' All Tracks [[Wikipedia:Stereophonic sound|Stereo]]</big></div>
#[[Wowie Zowie]]
#[[Who Are The Brain Police?|Who Are The Brain Police? (Section A, C, B)]]
#[[Hungry Freaks, Daddy]]
#[[Cream Cheese (Work Part)]]
#[[Trouble Every Day|Trouble Every Day (Single Edit)]]
#[[It Can't Happen Here|It Can't Happen Here (Mothermania Version)]]
#[[Interviews excerpts]]
#[["Pyschedelic Music"]]
#[["Dope Fiend Music"]]
#[["How We Made It Sound That Way"]]
#[["Poop Rock"]]
#[["Pyschedelic Upholstery"]]
#[["Psychedelic Money"]]
#[[Who Are The Brain Police?]]
#[[Anyway The Wind Blows]]
#[[Hungry Freaks, Daddy]]
#[[More Interviews]]
#[["The 'Original' Group"]]
#[["Union Scale"]]
#[["25 Hundred Signing Fee"]]
#[[Tom Wilson (The Track)|"Tom Wilson"]]
#[["My Pet Theory"]]
#[["There Is No Need"]]
==Release Notes==
The Making Of [[Freak Out!]] ([[The MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)|MOFO]]) is a [[Frank Zappa|FZ]] audio documentary.
Released 11th December 2006 on Zappa Records, the Zappa Family Trust.
==Liner Notes==
• [[Arthur Maebe]] <br>
• [[Benjamin Barrett]] <br>
• [[Bob Stone]] - Remixing <br>
• [[Carl Franzoni]] <br>
• [[Carol Kaye]] <br>
• [[Chris Riess]] - Liner Notes <br>
• [[David Wells|Dave Wells]] <br>
• [[David Anderle]] <br>
• [[David Fricke]] - Liner Notes <br>
• [[Doug Sax]] - Remastering <br>
• [[Edgard Varèse]] - Author <br>
• [[Elliot Ingber]] - Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm) <br>
• [[Emmet Sargeant]] <br>
• [[Eugene Dinovi]] <br>
• [[Frank Zappa]] - Arranger, Art Direction, Author, Conductor, Executive Producer, Orchestration, Percussion, Producer, Remixing, Text <br>
• [[Gail Zappa]] - Producer <br>
• [[Gene Estes]] - Percussion <br>
• [[George Price]] <br>
• [[Jack Anesh]] - Cover Design <br>
• [[Jimmy Carl Black|Jim Black]] - Drums, Percussion, Vocals <br>
• [[Joe Travers]] - Producer, Vault Research <br>
• [[John "Snakehips" Johnson]] <br>
• [[John Polito]] - Audio Restoration, Mastering <br>
• [[Johnny Rotella|John Rotella]] <br>
• [[Joseph Saxon]] <br>
• [[Kenneth Watson|Ken Watson]] - Percussion <br>
• [[Kim Fowley]] <br>
• [[Kurt Reher]] <br>
• [[Melanie Starks]] - Production Coordination <br>
• [[Mothers' Auxiliary]] <br>
• [[Neil Levang]] <br>
• [[Paul Bergstrom]] <br>
• [[Plas Johnson]] <br>
• [[Ray Collins]] - , Finger Cymbals, Hair Stylist, Harmonica, Tambourine, Vocals <br>
• [[Ray Leong]] - Cover Photo <br>
• [[Raymond Kelley]] <br>
• [[Roy Caton]] <br>
• [[Roy Estrada]] - Bass, Guitarron, Soprano (Vocal) <br>
• [[Sangwook "Sunny" Nam]] - Remastering <br>
• [[Stan Agol]] - Remixing <br>
• [[Terry Gilliam]] <br>
• [[Tom Wilson]] - Producer <br>
• [[Tracy Veal]] - Art Direction, Layout Design <br>
• [[Val Valentine]] - Engineering Director <br>
• [[Virgil Evans]]
==Background Information==
==Conceptual Continuity==
{| {{Versions Table Header}}
| align="center" | 77
| align="center" | Unknown
| align="center" | 4
| align="center" | [[Wikipedia:Compact disc|CD]]
| [[Zappa Records|Zappa]]<br>ZR 20004
| 2006-12-11
| 0824302000427?
| &nbsp;
| US limited edition, [[Wikipedia:Digipak|Digipak]] with 60 page booklet.
==See Also==
*[[Freak Out!]]
*[[The MOFO Project/Object]] - 2 disc edition
[[Category:Discography|MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition), The]]
[[Category:Original Albums|MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition), The]]

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