The Clovers

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The Clovers were an American doo-wop group, best known for their hits, "Don't You Know I Love You?" (1951), "One Mint Julep" (1951), "Fool, Fool, Fool" (1951) and "Love Potion #9" (1959).[1]

They are also notorious for a bawdy parody of "Darktown Strutter's Ball" called "Cock-Suckers' Ball" (1954).

While he was a guest during the Dr. Demento show in December 1973 Zappa played "Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash" (1954) by The Clovers. He also played this song during WSTM, Chicago, along with "Your Tender Lips" (1956).

Zappa covered the Clovers' song Cock-Suckers' Ball.

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