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That's My Girl
Released 2002
See also:
Mystery Disc
The Lost Episodes


Numerous, varied, and often difficult to identify. Performers from Mystery Disc and The Lost Episodes, Along with Captain Beefheart, The Mike Douglas Band, John Belushi, The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, and various incarnations of the Mothers from 1966, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1980, and 1988.


  1. Lost In A Whirlpool - The Lost Episodes (slowed down edit)
  2. Do It In C - Ronnie Sings? & The Black-Outs from The Lost Episodes (slowed down edits)
  3. The Story Of Electricity - Power Trio Segment From "The Saints 'n' Sinners" / Bossa Nova Pervertamento from Mystery Disc
  4. "Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings" - Metal Man Has Won His Wings from Mystery Disc
  5. Whiskey Gone Behind (The Sun) - Original Mothers At The Broadside (Pomona) from Mystery Disc
  6. Party Scene From "Mondo Hollywood" - from Mystery Disc
  7. Sandwich Song - Original Mothers Rehearsal from Mystery Disc (longer edit)
  8. Interview ("What's The Name Of Your Group?")
  9. Stink-Foot - from KCET Studios, 6-7 August 1974
  10. Down In De Dew - also erroneously listed as "Duck Duck Goose"
  11. Black Napkins - from Mike Douglas Show, 1976
  12. Son Of Saint Alfonzo - St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast and/or Rollo from SNL 1978
  13. Heidelberg - A Solo From Heidelberg from The Guitar World According To Frank Zappa
  14. The Squirm - Bowling On Charen from Trance-Fusion
  15. Nite Owl - from Santa Monica, 11 December 1980
  16. Falling In Love Is A Stupid Habit - ? from Crush All Boxes
  17. I Am The Walrus (Lennon/McCartney) - from Springfield, 13 March 1988
  18. America The Beautiful (Katherine Lee Bates / "Materna" Samuel A Ward) - from Burlington, 12 March 1988
  19. The World's Greatest Sinner - excerpt from The World’s Greatest Sinner movie
  20. Sink Trap - erroneously listed as "Gypsy Airs", from the Capitol records Lumpy Gravy sessions (See Lumpy Gravy & Elsewhere)
  21. Some Ballet Music - from The Ark

Release Notes

That's My Girl is a bootleg collection of tracks from myriad sources, Including Early recordings with the Blackouts and The Mothers Of Invention, as well as rare live and studio tracks. It is a collection similar to Mystery Disc and The Lost Episodes, and contains material that has appeared on these albums. It is important to note that almost all of the previously released tracks have been extended, and most of these also contain a running commentary from Frank Zappa.

Everything on this bootleg is gleaned from another bootleg, the Apocrypha box set. That's My Girl was released by Alternative Edge Productions in 2002, and is recorded on CD-R.

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