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UK Digital Remaster

What is currently UK "2nd Ed" is actually a new Digitally Remastered work
Cat# EN 5000
Label matrix: Disc 1 is E 50001 & Disc 2 is E 50002
A = E 50001 A-1-1-1-3
B = E 50001 B-3C-1-1-3
C = E 50001 A-1-1-2-
D = E 50001 B-1-1-2-

Basically the same sleeve, with "DIGITALLY REMASTERED" white out of black strip along the top.
Pressed by EMI. Sleeve printed/manufactured in England
Barking Pump logo on back, bottom-right with "RB8601HP"
Cat# at top-right on back, with Barcode: 5 099926 081236
Trust this helps
--Tonefish 19:32, 17 January 2011 (UTC)

Hi Tonefish,

Yes, I know it has "Digitally Remastered" written on it.

But do you know how different it is when listening to it?

The purpose is to mention differences that people can hear or measure.

If they obtained the exact same sound with a different process, I dunno if we should change the version #.

We need to compare them.

For instance, I have the Dutch LP of The Man From Utopia which also has one track remixed, this is why we have put a different version #.

Could you please tell me more about "RB8601HP", what is it exactly? A sticker or something written in a box?

Maroual 01:35, 18 January 2011 (UTC)