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Electric Aunt Jemima (the track) is linking to EAJ (BTB)

Duncan 02:46, 26 Mar 2005 (PST)

Easy peasy

So just rework the link like this: [[Electric Aunt Jemima (The Track)]].

Actually, don't bother, I just did...


New Page for 1987 Uncle Meat CD?

Hi from Tonefish

Hate to be a pain in the neck. Been a bit confused on Uncle Meat stuff:

Album Uncle Meat released 1969 (Page OK for vinyl, but CD was released 1987 with film bits - shouldn't the CD entry come out and have a page of it's own to maintain status quo of wiki chronology/discography/history, etc? Even if it means repeating cover & adding new date). I assume it was released in support of the Uncle Meat film?

I was doing some Aynsley Dunbar research & couldn't work out how he got 'backwards in time' onto Uncle Meat, 'till I realised the recording was a CD, rooted from the '87 film. (So his page would really need a link to the CD, not the vinyl)

Sadly, I don't have the 1987 CD, but I uncovered this on the web- which has parenthesis additions not in the wiki CD list. It looks authoritative - but don't they all...!? But it might help?


  • 1. uncle meat - main title theme
  • 2. the voice of cheese
  • 3. nine types of industrial pollution
  • 4. zolar czakl
  • 5. dog breath, in the year of the plague
  • 6. the legend of the golden arches
  • 7. louie louie (at the royal albert hall in london)
  • 8. the dog breath variations
  • 9. sleeping in a jar
  • 10. our bizarre relationship
  • 11. the uncle meat variations
  • 12. electric aunt jemima
  • 13. prelude to king kong
  • 14. god bless america (live at the whisky a go go) (berlin)
  • 15. a pound for a brown on the bus
  • 16. ian underwood whips it out (live on stage in copenhagen)
  • 17. mr. green genes
  • 18. we can shoot you
  • 19. "if we'd all been living in california..."
  • 20. the air
  • 21. project x
  • 22. cruising for burgers


  • 23. uncle meat film excerpt, part 1
  • 24. tengo na minchia tanta
  • 25. uncle meat film excerpt, part 2
  • 26. king kong itself (as played by the mothers in a studio)
  • 27. king kong (it's magnificence as interpreted by dom dewild)
  • 28. king kong (as motorhead explains it)
  • 29. king kong (the gardner varieties)
  • 30. king kong (as played by 3 deranged good humor trucks)
  • 31. king kong (live on a flat bed diesel inthe middle on a race track at a miami pop festival - the underwood ramifications)

PS just about to upload some Dunbar page & Amouges/Dunbar/FZ as MC concert stuff --Tonefish 09:35, 29 June 2008 (PDT)