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Hi Propellerkuh,

Do you plan to translate this article in English?

I guess that a Google translation might be a good starting point (see

Unfortunately as I do not speak German, I couldn't complete the translation.

Maroual 07:23, 17 Jan 2007 (PST)

hi morual

i would like to translate the thing. problem is, then there would exist TWO english versions. I would rather have the original from somwhere on the web, but could not find it anywhere. when there is no orig. to be found, then i will translate it no matter what. but I'd never trust the web translators ...

as it is, the article is not complete just now. there are 4 pages left, but i didnt have time to write them. still looking for a decent OCR prog for mac/my scanner. know one??

best wishes to all

btw, propellerkuh is my home nome de plume, here at the school i am propellerschule ;-)