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Link "Links" to the "Main Page" (or elsewhere)? --Emdebe 03:36, 7 May 2005 (PDT)

The link now lives in the main navigation bar to the left - don't think it's necessary to include it in the Main Page text...

KillUglyRadio 03:48, 7 May 2005 (PDT)


  • UMRK Lossless DC hub- Homepage for the UMRK Direct Connect hub for lossless Frank Zappa ROIO'S & VOIO'S visit and fill out a registration form!
  • UMRK Hub Forum- Forum for the Lossless Zappa hub-Stop by and post your questions or trade list or get links for audio & video or direct connect software.

Duncan 21:24, 4 Feb 2007 (PST)

UMRK Hub Spam? no

--The Yak 04:44, 8 Feb 2007 (PST)I'm just curious why you would remove my links as spam when we are a free trading DC++ hub and not any type of commercial enterprise advertising the sale of anything.We share lossless music among members free we do not allow any type of selling in the hub and we don't allow commercially available material to be shared on our hub.Nor do we sell anything on the website or through the forum.I think this hub is a great addition to the zappa community.If you followed the link to the homepage you would have seen that we only offer people to join for free and come to the hub and enjoy real time trading and chat with zappa and lossless collectors from around the world.I have re-added the link for the hub website and will re-add the link for the hub forum later.

                                                       Thank You,
                                                       Don Garrant (The Yak)
                                                       UMRK-Hub owner
                                              UMRK Lossless Zappa Hub

--The Yak 04:59, 8 Feb 2007 (PST) P.S. I have talked to Barry of Killuglyradio who advised me to re-add my links

                                                      Thank You,
                                                      Don Garrant UMRK-Hub Owner
                                              UMRK Lossless Zappa Hub

Hello The Yak,

This is okay, this wiki is intended to be a space of freedom. You are welcome here, but sometimes the information are uneasy to sort out. In any case, please feel free to continue to use these discussion pages as this is the best way to ensure a good communication between the contributors.

Just one thing, I kind of reformatted your 2 links so that the page remains 'consistent'. So please do not hesitate to say how you feel about it.

See you

Maroual 06:12, 8 Feb 2007 (PST)

No! I object! They do not freely share. The site requires registration! If I recall rightly (can't be bothered to check) software was Windows only affair rather than an open standard or available for all major operating systems.

If he had contributed to this Wiki at all then a link from his user space to the site may have been acceptable but he has given nothing. The page does not link into the Wiki just out to his site. This sets a precedent for any other vaguely Zappa related spammer to set up their own page.

Make all material from your site freely available as MP3s and you might make the grade. Duncan 06:25, 8 Feb 2007 (PST)

ummmm yes we do freely share and all the registration form is for is to give the users a way to send us what username and password they want to use and to leave us with a way to contact them to tell them that their username has been entered into the hub software in accounts which allows them to start downloading as soon as they get to the hub rather than having to wait for an op to contact them and register them there.And to allow them to tell us a little about themselves so that we know if they are male or female for example so that i'm not calling a guy dear or hun.And as far as contributing to this wiki I just found out about it and i'm still trying to learn about how it works so that i can contribute.And we don't share mp3 format hence the name lossless hub.Most trading communities only use lossless formats so if you take the time to do a little research instead of jumping to conclusions and not bothering to even know what you are talking about then you will know these things.Lossy formats like mp3 are not the preferred format for music collectors.Do you know anything about DC++ software?Its not windows only there are dozens of different clients and i have links for 44 different ones at my forum including the mac compatible ones so Do a little research next time ok.We are open to anyone to come and share but we gotta have rules and keep to our format or our hub wouldn't be good for the trading community.Nobody wants anyone to take a lossless show and convert it to mp3 and share it.That is one of the worst things you can do if you want to be respected in a trading community.Look at zappateers its the same idea except with torrents.Have you complained about them as well?If you have any suggestions worth hearing let me know. Oh and one more thing The software is too open source so if you want to go ahead and code it to whatever operating system you want like others who have.Also the hub is on public hub lists and isn't locked so that unregistered users can't enter although I could do that if I wanted to so yes we do freely share.It is considered to be a semi-private hub.That--->(can't be bothered to check) says a lot.

                                                     Don Garrant umrk hub

The Yak 02:49, 9 Feb 2007 (PST)

And to respond to your statement that DC software is windows only- That statement is totally untrue.Here are two clients that cover a good selection of operating systems.And these are only two out of the 44 or more I have links for at my forum

 #1. Valknut-operating systems its compatible with->OSX,Mandrake,SuSE,Debian,RedHat,Slackware,FreeBsd,

FedoraCore,Source. link --->

 #2.JDC-operating systems its compatible with-->all 32 bit MS Windows,,All Posix(Linux,BSD,Unix-like OSes,etc.)

Link--> So I don't know why you are objecting because none of your statements are true except maybe I haven't contributed to the wiki yet but I just found it so when I learn more about how it works I will definitely do that.If you have any more complaints please contact me directly at --The Yak 21:36, 9 Feb 2007 (PST)

                                                             Thank You,
                                                           Don Garrant UMRK Hub

Zappa Wiki Jawaka link from UMRK homepage

And yes my site does link to the wiki and if you even bothered to look before talking then you would have known this.But I have now added a more visible spot for it on my page just for you so that you will be able to see it better even though i know you don't bother to find out what you are talking about before you say things.I've actually created a separate page on my site just for the link.So is there anything else? P.S. I would love to contribute to the wiki Anybody have any suggestions on anything that may be needed here or what I need to do before I add anything so I don't get trashed on for doing something wrong? And the change you made to my link is fine Maroual.The wiki is now linked twice from my site.

                                                              Don Garrant
                                                                (The Yak)
                                                                UMRK- Hub Owner

If anyone cares to Google "Honyak45" they will see that this is what you do. You hit on any forum you can find to drum up trade for your radio/pink floyd trade/zappa fan club/zappa trade etc. etc.

If you did any research you would find that lossless losers have been discussed on the KUR forum and that I do indeed have some understanding of such things.

My complaint was not that your site did not link to this Wiki but that the page you set up on the Wiki did not link with anything else on the Wiki it just linked out to your site.

The link from your front page to the software you need for your site is Windows only.

We share everything we have here in that anyone can come and take from it whatever they want. They only need to register here if they want to contribute. You only registered here so that you could set up a link to your site. Your site does not openly share anything. You are a spammer.

Duncan 23:39, 9 Feb 2007 (PST)

Yes I do post in other places but only to invite people to share in the 16 TB of music we are sharing at the moment. I don't get paid for this and all i get out of the 8 hours of hard work a day i put into the hub is the pleasure of making people happy with music.Why are people who listen to lossless losers? ((CD Audio is compressed into MP3 audio by throwing out all the sounds at the extreme ends of the frequency spectrum. In other words, they take out the high and low frequencies that they think maybe you won’t notice. To some extent, this is true – these are probably the frequencies you’ll miss the least. When this is done, you are left with an approximation to what the sound originally was. However, it is just an approximation. Though at a distance the song sounds the same, it is now missing something. To me, it may sound hollow or tinny. It just doesn’t sound quite right. While I may be enjoying the overall song as a whole, there’s something in my head that bothers me and tells me it’s not right. When MP3 first came out, everyone was all excited about this as the all-mighty new format. “It’s CD-quality Audio in one-tenth the file-size!” This is simply not true.There’s no such thing as a free lunch – the file size was cut to 9% or 10% at a cost.Sound quality is significantly degraded when transferred from CD Audio to MP3.The threshold that the human ear can hear up to is approximately 20-25khz, I have tested my own ear and found i can hear to approximately 23.5khz, the range for an mp3 cuts off at about 16khz so although you end up with a smaller file size you are paying for it in necessary sound information. If you are going to go through the work of buying CD -Rs, finding another trader to trade with, burning shows, and mailing them, you might as well end up with the best quality recording you can find. I know I expect nothing less. No show has ever been bootlegged in MP3 format.)) And people work hard taping and mastering these shows and in just about every roio there is usually an info txt file with the phrase "please do not convert to any other format"or something to that effect and i respect their wishes so i'm a loser?Give me a break. And the reason i put a link for a windows version client on the front page of the site in the directions is because thats what 99% of people are using for an operating system.Anyone who wants to join or has joined is made aware of the fact that there are links for 45 different clients in the forum that cover just about any OS you can name.And it is now clearly stated and explained on the front page for people who may not be using windows.45 links for clients is a pretty good effort on my part to make this available to people who don't use windows I think. And as far as my link linking to other things on the page i'm not sure what you mean but i'd be glad to do whatever is expected.What does zappateers link to so maybe I can get an idea of what you mean.I'm a member of zappateers as well and i'm friends with a lot of the people who seed a lot of the music there and i've never heard any flack from any of the mods there for posting about the hub.Almost every place i've posted at has a place specifically for posting hubs or other things like torrent trackers.So what am I doing that is so wrong?How much music do you have online for people to download and share? Nobody is forcing anyone to join my hub if they prefer mp3's thats fine there are other hubs where they can download and share them.If anyone wants to google my name be sure to google "The Yak" too and you will see that all i'm doing is inviting people to come use the hub for free to download from the awesome selection of music we are sharing.I get no pay I get no gifts I rarely ever even get sleep i'm not soliciting or selling anything nor do we allow any selling to go on in the hub.It's a hub period not --->radio/pink floyd trade/zappa fan club/zappa trade etc. etc. although there are a lot of pink floyd roio's shared as well as several dozen other bands. What you mean by drum up trade makes no sense i'm not selling anything i'm inviting people to take advantage of a good thing!I didn't register here so that i could spam a website and make money i put my link here because I saw that there were other online audio links like zappateers and I didn't come here to make enemies or get bashed for not knowing how the wiki works and you seem to be the only one that has a problem with it.My site is a mid point between users and the hub if i put a link with the hub address anywhere it wouldn't do anyone any good without the info the site supplies.You can't just enter the address in a browser and get there.The site doesn't share anything because its not supposed to but it does give people not familiar with hubs enough info to be able to get to the hub and it has links for other things that will be useful to them. I have had no complaints from anyone anywhere except you.All I get is thanked for all my hard work and for starting the only Direct Connect hub for Zappa music in the world I believe.I have people from all over the world joining and they are very happy when they do.

inside parentheses---> (( )) quoted from a text by Brian Pasley

                                                           Bye Don Garrant

PS I just clicked on the zappateers link and it goes straight to the zappateers site and not anywhere else so what are you talking about? hallaleujah! Rfrong!

But Zappateers did not charge in here and set up thier own page to direct traffic to their site. That's what I am talking about.

Duncan 00:41, 11 Feb 2007 (PST)

Well please explain to me how its done then.I saw that people had posted their links for online audio so I added mine.I'm sorry if I "CHARGED" in here knocking everything over and stumbling around like a fool but maybe you ought to sit down and write directions for people to read on how your supposed to add a link to online audio.As I explained i'm not getting anything out of this so i'm really directing people to their own site so they can have access to the music.I still don't know what you see wrong about that.I could understand if my site was selling merchandise or in any way making me money but it's not.I don't even ask for donations like a lot of hubs do.I paid for the server out of my own pocket just so I could do this because I realized after being in hubs for a long time that there wasn't one for Zappa fans not anywhere in the world.So don't you think I have a unique thing here?I'm doing this not to profit anything for myself but for Zappa collectors from around the whole world who like DC++ as a way to trade and share their music.I also like DC++ because it's more personal and you get to meet people from everywhere and not only trade with them but become friends with them.And I like it more than torrents because it uses far less bandwidth and since i'm running a hub on the same connection I need to conserve.Zappateers has a link that does the same exact thing as the one I added it goes to their site is that not the same?If you had given suggestions instead of criticism in the beginning we wouldn't be in this conversation.And maybe asked me about what it was I had and what I wanted to accomplish.I'm not the type of guy who goes "CHARGING" in and ruining anything, but two people told me it was ok and to add the links back in when you removed them so you seem to be the only one who is hovering over things here waiting to jump on people instead of helping them.Point out your links to all the audio you offer the community and point out all the parts of the wiki you contributed so I can look at it and get an idea of what exactly it is you expect of people.I saw nothing that said don't add your link here I saw a place where people had added their links for online audio and even links for non-existing sites are there so I simply added mine and when it was removed i inquired about it and was told to re-add it,I wasn't aware I was "CHARGING" in here. p.s. their is spelled their not thier

--The Yak 14:21, 11 Feb 2007 (PST)

Online Stores ???

I know I will be out-voted once again :-( but I would like to register my objection to the inclusion of commercial spam in this Wiki - unless they are contributing something towards the running costs.

Are we going to include every online store on the planet that sells Zappa stuff?

Duncan 12:20, 9 May 2007 (PDT)

Thanks for updating the spam valuable contribution Honyak45

Duncan 12:49, 11 Aug 2007 (PDT)

Thanks for updating the spam valuable contribution Honyak45

Duncan 19:25, 18 June 2008 (PDT)

Yaketty, Yak...

To The Yak: I'm only a newbie here, this is heavy-duty stuff... but I think thou doest protest too much, possibly 'Yak' too much. Why not contribute something and, at the foot, provide a link (Specific to that item) to the item on your site? That way this wiki's readers will discover the merits of your site and the wonders it holds under their own steam. As Duncan has revealed, you had a punt in Aug 2007 and now in this month. For what it's worth, I'm with Duncan on this argument. (As for spelling, your editing isn't too hot) I shall shut up now and get on with hopefully honest wiki additions, so a response isn't required.--Tonefish 22:10, 21 June 2008 (PDT)