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Somebody please research Rhinoceros. Mostly what I know about Billy Mundi is what my dad told me (my dad used to be the drummer for the Downchild Blues Band, way before Michael Fonfara (spelling?) joined, back in the Flip Flop and Fly days) and because most of what I've contributed to this site has NOT been blown off as spam or bullshit, I definately want to make sure I'm accurate (unlike my spelling of the word accurate, I think). I suddenly realized how pissed off I get when something on this site seems to be pure conjecture, so I would appreciate it if someone would correct me and/or elaborate on anything that I write, or for that matter, anything anyone else writes. But especially me :P


I missed your contribution. I would have felt the need to de-bullshit it had I seen it ;-)

Words like 'Apparently' have no place here! Try...


I did a page for Rhinoceros linking back from Iron Butterfly but failed to link it with Billy Mundi. So many links so little time.

Duncan 23:50, 24 Apr 2006 (PDT)