Sunday Show 1 Start

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(Okay, this is the Sunday show, Reel 1.)

That's a really good beat that you have there. Ladies and gentlemen.

Just calm yourselves for a moment, because we're making a movie here tonight, and we wanna make sure that the cameras will get the music in synchronization with the picture and something terrible has happened to the intercom system.

Now, I don't wanna keep you in suspense for too long, ladies and gentlemen, but we've planned a really dynamite show for you. And we really don't want to— We don't want to fuck it up, ladies and gentlemen, so, just relax and sip on your beverages and, any moment now the curtain will go up and we'll be zany for you, so just cool it!

This is a recording.

I know what we'll do. We'll pretend like we're doing the show with the curtain still down, for the first part. We'll just play some background music until they get the camera fixed and then we'll surprise you.