Slade Gorton

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Slade Gorton (January 8, 1928 - 19 August 2020) is an American Republican politician. He was senator from 1981 until 1987 and again from 1989 until 2001.

During the PMRC hearings of September 19, 1985 he addressed Zappa with the following "statement": "Mr. Zappa, I ah, am astounded at the ah, courtesy and soft-voiced ah, nature of the comments of my friend the senator from Tennessee. I can only say that I find your statement to be boorish, ah, incredibly and ah, insensitively insulting the people who were here previously. That you could manage to get the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States a bad name - if I doubt that you have the slightest understanding of it - which I do not, and have the slightest understanding of the difference between government action and private action. And ah, you have certainly destroyed any case you might otherwise have had with this senator. Thank you Mr. Chairman." to which Zappa simply snapped back: "Is this private action?"

Gorton's statement was later sampled on the tracks Congress Shall Make No Law and Porn Wars.

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