Roadies and Technicians

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Eddie Clothier

Paul Hof

Technician who worked on:

Married Janet Neville-Ferguson

One of the heads (the other being Jay Sloatman) of the two headed roadie on the Over-Nite Sensation cover.

David Robb

Guitar technician

Merl Saunders

Arthur Sloatman

Arthur "Midget" Sloatman brother of Gail Zappa and Jay Sloatman (see below) is credited on You Are What You Is, Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention, Video From Hell and The True Story Of 200 Motels and acknowledged in the liner notes for Trance-Fusion.

"and so it was in June of 1977 I moved to L.A. to begin rehearsals with frank zappa. I rented a non-descript one bedroom apartment on Canyon Drive in North Hollywood not far from the famous Hollywood sign. who says 'nobody walks in LA'? I sure did. I had no car. frank's brother-in-law Midget Sloatman was often my ride and my only friend." - Adrian Belew

Sloatman was working at Valley Sound in Los Angeles when he was called to the Record Plant to repair a synthesizer that required attention during the Zoot Allures sessions. Later when Frank had a question while learning the Linn Drum Machine and other synths, he called on Sloatman to help. With Zappa's encouragement, he formed his own company to provide custom electronics for synthesizers within several recording studios (including Zappa's personal studio).

"I like the SSL compressor unit, custom built by Arthur Sloatman" - Mix magazine interview 1985

On Halloween during Suicide Chump Denny Walley sings the line "I think I'll even smell Midget's shoes"

Brief interview with Arthur Sloatman

Seen in Pauline Butcher's video A Day with Cal Schenkel.

Jay Sloatman

Jay "Dunt" Sloatman brother of Gail Zappa and Arthur Sloatman (see above) worked as a roadie on the Petit Wazoo tour.

He is credited as "Technical" on Apostrophe ('). FZ makes reference to "Dunt's ex-wife" on Roxy & Elsewhere. Is depicted on the cover of Over-Nite Sensation as half of the two-headed roadie with Paul Hof.

Thomas Nordegg