Pauline Butcher

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Pauline Butcher & FZ

Pauline Butcher (Bird)

Secretary to FZ 1968-1972

During The Mothers first European tour she was hired to translate the lyrics from Absolutely Free. Her naivety in the music world (such as asking Eric Clapton what instrument he played.) appealled to FZ and he asked her to work as his secretary. She moved out to the log cabin where, amongst her many duties, she ran the United Mutations fan club.

Ill health forced her return to England in 1972. She has since worked as a teacher and a writer for theatre and radio.

FZ in The Real Frank Zappa Book: "The residents at that time included my wife, Gail; my secretary, Pauline Butcher; our road manager, Dick Barber; Pamela Zarubica; Ian Underwood; Motorhead Sherwood; and a girl named Christine Frka - the woman on the cover of the Hot Rats album crawling out of the crypt."

Mentioned in My Brother Is an Italian Mother (Jazz & Pop, 1968, C. R. Zappa).