Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives, Vol. 14

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Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives, Vol. 14
Released April 23, 2010
Cucamonga Years
Paul Buff


  1. Wipe Out (Stereo Mix) by The Bongo Teens
  2. Call Me On The Telephone by Paul Buff
  3. Windows (Paul Buff Vocal) by The Buff Organization
  4. Hollywood-A-Go-Go (Stereo Mix) by The Hollywood Persuaders
  5. The Swag by The Tornadoes (Engineered by Frank Zappa)
  6. Chocolate Milk (Demo - Long Version) by Paul Conrad
  7. Donna (Backing Track 1) (Ritchie Valens) by Paul Buff
  8. Flowers (Mono Mix) by Ricky Dean
  9. Twisted Conversation (Single Mix) by Shapes of Sounds
  10. Encinada Way (Backing Track 1) by Bobby Ray
  11. Guitar Workout by The Sonny Wilson Band
  12. I Will Go To The Ends Of The Earth by Paul Buff
  13. I'll Never Love Another (Mono Mix) by Ricky Dean
  14. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Alternate Take) (Stan Jones) by Johnny Barakat And The Vestells
  15. Forget It (Stereo Mix) by The Hollywood Persuaders
  16. The People In Me (Stereo Mix) by The Music Machine
  17. Love Of My Life (Alternate Version) by The Pal Studio Band
  18. Motion Tree by The Thundermugs
  19. Can't Explain by Thee Sixpence
  20. In The Building by Thee Sixpence
  21. Mr. Z's Backyard by The Thundermugs
  22. Upside Down World (Demo - Version 3) by The Buff Organization
  23. Mono Drums 1 by Paul Buff
  24. Romantic Piano by Paul Buff