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Town in the province of Palermo, Sicily where Zappa's father was born.

I wanted to see the town that my father was born in and I went there and I saw it and then we played the concert and the next thing you know, you have the army and the police; each with their own general telling them what to do; an audience that had brought their own guns; and they're shooting tear gas and tearing up this stadium that we were playing in. We played for an hour and a half in this riot with tear gas in our face and everything else, and when it was all over we went off the stage and we were trapped inside this place. The audience was circling around outside shooting at the police and the police were shooting back. I got a pretty good idea of what my Sicilian roots are like after seeing the town of Partinico - it was pretty bleak.

Frank Zappa (September 1984)