Ozark Henry

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Ozark Henry (Piet Goddaer (born April 29, 1970 in Kortrijk)) is a Belgian rock musician, best known for his songs; "Sweet Instigator", "Word Up" and "Rescue".

In a Humo interview from 2000 Goddaer talked about his ten personal favorite music albums, which included Hot Rats by Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica. He claimed he used to play Peaches En Regalia over and over. Goddaer also explained that there was a time when he thought Zappa was the best musician/composer ever, but as he grew older he now simply respects him as a wonderfully talented musician. As far as avant-garde goes, Beefheart is much more daring than Zappa, according to Goddaer.

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