Opening Night Party At Studio Z

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Oh, I smoked a Pall Mall
Yes, I did
Oh, yeah

Sssh . . .

Oh, you can't fall on the floor, you know? You know, I make like I'm down on the floor, you know . . .


Hah hah . . .


Motorhead: Oh, yeah, I was out screwing this broad one time, we was in the car, you know, I had the radio turned down a little bit. Some shitty commercial came on.


Motorhead: She started telling about her, her girlfriends, you know they would go in the bathroom someplace, not at, at school, you know, at a gas station or something like that. And they would compare each other's box, man, and uh, compare tits and all this shit, and they'd tell how their boyfriends screwed 'em and all this stuff, you know, how exciting it was. I was screwing this girl and she was telling me all this shit.

Don Van Vliet: Ha ha ha!

?: Well, I'm waiting . . .

FZ: Get the rubber hose

Bob: Damn, I give this guy a ride, ha ha! You know, EEEEH! and stopped his car, and, hey hey hey, where you goin', eh? Wanna ride?

Motorhead: Sort of lost the, the desire to screw her after all that shit.

Went to the nearest supermarket
(And all you will mean to me in the future)
Stole a Hank magazine
(And each time)
Went home
(I think of those lovely eyes)
Ate some Jello
(I think. of your smile that is so true)
And had a mellow mellow mellow . . . muelo
(And so dear to me)
Had a swell time
(And each year that I have known you, my love)
I knew
(I've needed you more)
I knew that my granny would be there
(Each day, each hour, each minute)
Because I had a crush on her
(It's pathetic, my darling)
Granny knew that I smoke Pall Mall
(To note . . . )




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