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Born: [[Nik Venet|Nikolas Kostantinos Venetoulis]] on Dec. 3, 1936, in [[Baltimore]].
See [[Nick Venet]]
Died: January 1998, Los Angeles.
Worked as a teenage songwriter in New York's Brill Building along with Bobby Darin and Carole King.
[[Category:Producers|Venet, Nik]]
Aged 19 he moved to Los Angeles and worked with [[Lord Buckley]] before becoming a producer and talent scout with [[Capitol Records]].
In 1962 he recorded the [[Beach Boys]] after their independently produced "Surfin'" single had been a minor local hit.
He would sign many acts to [[Capitol Records|Capitol]] including The Stone Poneys featuring [[Linda Ronstadt]] who had a hit with "Different Drum" written by [[The Monkees|Mike Nesmith]] and John Stewart; the latter would write "Daydream Believer" for [[The Monkees]].
He commisioned Zappa's [[Lumpy Gravy]] for [[Capitol Records|Capitol]] but due to contractual problems it would eventually be released by [[MGM]].
By the early 1970's Venet had moved to [[United Artists]] Records.

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