Mormon Xmas Dance Report

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Kay: My husband, Frank, had a very interesting gig tonight, and I'd like him to tell you about it. Can you tell me, uh, where was this dance that you played tonight?
FZ: I played a wonderful dance at the Mor-- at the Mormon Church Recreation Hall in Pomona.
Kay: What type of dance was this?
FZ: Well, this is the swinginest dance you've ever seen, man, this was really beautiful. It was a Christmas dance and this recreation hall was about as big as our living room. Now dig, it had a hard wood floor, it had a little stage, and on the floor they had a basketball thing marked off. And it was all decorated up, you know, like they really went to a lot of trouble. And they had these wires going across the room like that, they had millions of them, and they had these little threads coming down with cotton balls tied on the ends so it looked like snow. They had these trees, these dead trees, set up on these, uh, pedestal deals all around the wall. Then, they were sprayed with snow and they had little ribbons, bows, and parasols, and little bufers, and all these things attached to them, and then they had these color lights underneath lighting it up, it was real, real lovely. And then they had the, the uh, when you walked into the place they had like a, uh, a beaded drape, only it wasn't beads, it was these little cotton balls like snow tied onto threads. And then they had the big crystal punch bowls and all these, uh, all these wonderful Mormons standing around there getting ready to have this fine party. (Laughs) Ray told me, he says, you shouldn't smoke when you go there, man, they don't like it, so I said, aw man, he's just being too cautious 'cause he's a pretty tame guy.

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