Morgan Ågren

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Morgan Ågren (1967, Umeå, Sweden) is a Swedish drummer.

Morgan Ågren (& Mats Öberg) sat in with the Zappa band in 1988 during the Stockholm performance. In 1991 Morgan took part in the "Zappa's Universe" concert series.

"Keyboardist/vocalist Mats Oberg and drummer Morgan Agren have been playing together for over 30 years, since Mats was 10 and Morgan was 14! They were 'discovered' at a very young age by Frank Zappa, who invited them to join his band (Zappa's ill health ultimately cancelled these tour plans) and they are musical legends in their native Sweden and beyond, winning Grammy Awards on both sides of the Atlantic and known for their wild and funny musical performances. Mats and Morgan began releasing records in 1996 on their own UAE label. Since 2005, Cuneiform has been releasing the group's new recordings as well as bringing back to print their earlier releases. Radio Da Da was their third album and was originally released in 1998, while The Teenage Tapes is a collection of their earliest recordings together. Both of these albums have been remixed and remastered with bonus material added and neither album has been available before other than by buying them from the musicians at their shows! "They played unbelievable, just unbelievable." - Frank Zappa. - Quote from

Dweezil Zappa played on Agren's Conundrum (2013).

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