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Marc Didden (July 28, 1949) is a Belgian journalist and film director.


Didden was a rock journalist for the magazine Humo during the 1970s and 1980s. Later he started directing films, like "Brussels By Night" (1983), "Istanbul" (1985) and "Sailors Don't Cry" (1988).

Didden and Zappa

Didden interviewed Zappa a few times (Humo Spoke With Zappa!) and wrote reviews about his albums. When Zappa died in 1993 Didden wrote an "in memoriam" in Humo [1]. Didden claims that Zappa was one of the first rock artists he interviewed and the relative ease of their conversation inspired him to make a career out of rock journalism. In his memoriam the journalist jokes that Zappa once lead a meeting of the magazine Humo, while their magazine editor Guy Mortier gave a concert. This is a joke based on the strong resemblance between Zappa and Humo's former magazine editor Guy Mortier. Didden also claims that Zappa once asked him to give him some more information about "VDB", because he had heard a drunk talk about him while he visited the Voddenmarkt in Brussels. [2].

Didden's ten personal favorite Zappa albums are:

1. We're Only In It For The Money

2.Over-Nite Sensation

3. Absolutely Free

4. Weasels Ripped My Flesh

5. Freak Out!

6. Sheik Yerbouti

7. Uncle Meat

8. Apostrophe (')

9. Trout Mask Replica

10. Cruising With Ruben & The Jets


  2. "VDB" were the initials of the late Belgian Prime Minister Paul Vanden Boeynants, who was notorious for being frequently accused of corruption.

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