Malcolm McNab

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Malcolm McNab

Malcolm McNab initially encountered Zappa at his Experimental Music Concert in 1963. He later toured with The Mothers in the 1970's 'Wazoo' incarnation, and provided trumpet for The Grand Wazoo, Studio Tan, Orchestral Favorites, Tinseltown Rebellion, Läther, Quaudiophiliac, Joe's Domage, Imaginary Diseases and Wazoo. Married to Joanne C. McNabb.

Zappa wrote "The Malcolm McNab' for him which would become known as Be-Bop Tango[1]

Worked on the soundtracks of award winning films such as: Dances With Wolves, L.A. Confidential and The Matrix[2].

He was interviewed in Frank Scheffer's Frank Zappa: The Present-Day Composer Refuses To Die (2000), Frank Zappa Phase II: The Big Note (2002), for which he donated his own recordings of Zappa[3] and Frank Zappa: Pioneer Of Future Music, parts 1 & 2 (2007).

He wrote liner notes for Little Dots (2016).



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