Little House I Used To Live In

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"Aybe Sea" is played again, this time in concert along with other instruments playing different parts louder in the mix (some might even be sped-up and edited over the performance), toward the end of “Little House I Used to Live In,” a long piece whose other sections have their own titles (not listed on the album cover), such as “Little House,” “The Duke,” “Return of the Hunchback Duke,” “Return of the Son of the Hunchback Duke” and “Twinkle Tits.” The whole piece grew from a piano exercise that Frank had written in 1962. A restructured version of that initial exercise was played on electric piano during the “Concerto For Mothers and Orchestra” at the University of California at Los Angeles in May of 1970.

Starting with the return of “Aybe Sea,” the closing section of “Little House I Used to Live In” (and Frank’s subsequent comments to the audience) come from the Mothers’ 6/6/69 show at the Royal Albert Hall in London.