Kaiser Rolls

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This is a story, tell it quick as I can
a week ago, I met a stumbler man.
He stumbled up, he said "All I wanna know,
How far the motherfuckin' Kaiser Rolls.

And this part (?) shoulda' have turned him red,
so hard talking to a stumbler man.
He stumbled over, and over again
"The Kaiser fuckin' Rolls since the time began"

I raised my finger from the center of my hand,
tried to wave farewell to the stumbling man.
He stumbled 'n puked (?) in a garbage can.
"The Fuckin' Kaiser Rollin might raise some sand"

Pushed him aside as he was slow in my path
so hard to understand a real stumbler man.
Stuff stuck up his nose, crawl all over his clothes, he said:
"No one really tells me which way he go"

Kaiser rolls, roll 'n roll?
Kaiser rolls, and guys 'n rolls??
...surprising to me they ain't catched him yet,
how's about a dollar for some cigarettes?

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Notes About This Song

The last line of the first verse was sometimes sung:
How's about a dollar for some Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser Rolls are small bread buns originating from Germany and/or Austria and so called because they were shaped like the ceremonial crown the Kaiser occasionally wore.

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