Joe's Garage Acts II & III

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Release Info

Released Nov 19 1979.

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The CD release Joe's Garage combines Act I, II, and III.


Act II

  1. A Token Of My Extreme (05:29)
  2. Stick It Out (04:34)
  3. Sy Borg (08:57)
  4. Dong Work For Yuda (05:03)
  5. Keep It Greasey (08:22)
  6. Outside Now (05:50)


  1. He Used To Cut The Grass (08:35)
  2. Packard Goose (11:31)
  3. Watermelon In Easter Hay (09:06)
  4. A Little Green Rosetta (08:16)


Frank Zappa (Central Scrutinizer, L. Ron Hoover, Father Riley, Buddy Jones), Ike Willis (Joe), Dale Bozzio (Mary), Denny Walley (Mrs. Borg), Al Malkin (Officer Butzis), Warren Cuccurullo & Ed Mann (Sy Borg), Terry Bozzio (Bald-Headed John), Al Malkin, Warren Cucurullo, Dale Bozzio, Geordie Hormel, Barbara Issak & most of the people who work at Village Recorders ca 1979 (UMRK Chorus).


Conceptual Continuity