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James Marshall Hendrix

Zappa & Hendrix from the Were Only In It For The Money cover

Born: Johnny Allen Hendrix, November 27, 1942

Died: September 18, 1970

Sat in with the Mothers Of Invention while they were in New York. It was FZ that first introduced Hendrix to the "Wah Wah" effect pedal.

FZ recalls seeing Hendrix at the Cafe Au Go Go:

"I thought Hendrix was great. But the very first time I saw him perform, I had the incredible misfortune of sitting close to him at the Au Go Go in New York City and he had a whole stack of Marshalls. I was right in front of it. I was physically ill. I couldn't get out; it was so packed, I couldn't escape. And although it was great, I didn't see how anybody could inflict that kind of volume on himself, let alone other people. That particular show he ended by taking the guitar and impaling it in the low ceiling of the club. Just walked away and left it squealing."

"Guitar World" (April 1987)