Jan Akkerman

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Jan Akkerman (Amsterdam, December 24, 1946) is a Dutch rock guitarist, best known as a member of the group Focus.


Akkerman about guitarists who improvise endlessly on their instrument: "I've always been a big fan of Zappa. In one way or another I'm always able to discover structure in his music." [1]

Akkerman about his favorite guitarists in a radio interview from 1973: “And I like Zappa very much, but I admire him more as a composer. He’s a genius and he makes very human, awakening music. Very pure so to speak. [2]

"Zappa was one of the leading avant-garde guitarists in the course of the sixties and the seventies, and his creation has run all through my life. Frank sometimes played only one chord, but he did it with such expressive delivery and unusual coloring that it just could not have been compared to anything. I also attempted to play in that manner, though with my own vision of music. As an example, "Hocus Pocus" was written under the influence of Zappa. Although I can't say he exerted much influence upon the formation of my own style of playing, I have always been greatly impressed at his mastery. Once I met him, in London in 1969. Frank came, and we jammed. All of his accompanying musicians were Europeans. Then Zappa said me: "You greatly play guitar and you have your own image as a musician. I would even invite you to play in my band." [3]


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