Ida Lupino

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Ida Lupino.

Ida Lupino (4 February 1918 - 3 August 1995) was a British-American film actress, singer, director and producer. She is best known for her roles in They Drive By Night (1940) and High Sierra (1941). She directed the films Not Wanted (1949), Never Fear (1949), Outrage (1950), Hard, Fast and Beautiful (1951), The Hitch-Hiker (1953), The Bigamist (1953) and The Trouble With Angels (1966).

She directed (and acted in) one episode, The Masks, of The Twilight Zone.

In 1998 her film The Hitch-Hiker was included in the U.S. National Film Registry, for being "culturally, historically and/or aesthetically significant".

Zappa named her his favorite actress in The Fanzine Questionnaire.

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