I Left My Heart In San Francisco

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Den Simms: "You described "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" as being one of the ugliest songs ever written. What makes that song ugly?"

Frank Zappa: "Oh, I'm just joking, that's not the ugliest. I think "Happy Birthday" is one of the ugliest songs ever written. (laughter) That was a comment from the Munich show, where we got the audience to sing along with it."

Den Simms: "I have this one as being from ... one of the ugliest, maybe it was from Munich where the audience ..."

Frank Zappa: "Sang it."

Den Simms: "... Actually liked it and you did it twice or they had them singing it ..."

Frank Zappa: "Oh then that was ... one place where they really liked it, yeah. I can't remember what city that was, but in Munich I asked the audience to sing along and then I said "Ayee! That was ugly as fuck." No, "I think that was ugly as fuck." That's what it was."

Den Simms: "That was the "jazz" night?"

Frank Zappa: "Yeah."

(From They're Doing the Interview of the Century, Part 1)

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