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Hustler April 1984

"Hustler is a monthly pornographic magazine aimed at heterosexual men and published in the United States. It was first published in 1974 by Larry Flynt."

Wikipedia, Hustler article.

"THING-FISH: Go 'head on den … go git yo' deflatable bitch ovuh deah! Judgin' fum all de fuss, you ain't in much better shape den de large economy size been clutchin' at my nakkin! We gots a love song (jes' yo' type ...), bridgin' de conceptiumal gap between what you IS, what you THINK you is, what WE think you is, what you is GONNA BE, an' what yo' rubberized madonna be somewhat remindin' me of!

Uh ... SISTER OB'DEWLLA 'X', gather de mo' sensitive MAMMYS together fo' harmonicizatiumal purposes, while de ones with de M.B.A.'s hit de lobby 'n sell some shit, 'fo de customers over-run yo' ass! Meanwhile, lil' guy, go get yo' rubber girl 'n esspress yo-seff!

HARRY-AS-A-BOY minces his way toward ARTIFICIAL RHONDA. The MAMMIES laugh up their sleeves. FRANCESCO reads the April '84 issue of HUSTLER."

Frank Zappa, Them Or Us, p. 314.

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