Freaks & Motherfuckers (BTB)

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Note: The correct title of this album is "Freaks And Motherfu#@%!". Since it contains characters that don't work well with the wiki system, the article-name had to be changed accordingly!

Release Info

Released July 1991. This album is part of Beat The Boots I and is a live recording from "Fillmore East", NYC November 13, 1970.



FZ guitar, vocals, Mark Volman vocals, Howard Kaylan vocals, Jeff Simmons bass, vocals, George Duke keyboards, trombone, Ian Underwood keyboards, Aynsley Dunbar drums


The Mothers Of Invention played at The Fillmore in NY 4 shows on 13th & 14th November 1970. The recordings on Freaks (and on Tengo Na Minchia Tanta - one of the other bootlegs)are from the 2 shows played on the 13th. The correct playing order on Freaks is:

From early show - Little House I Used To Live In (Incl. Penis Dimension) - Mud Shark Variations (Incl. Penis Dimension Recall) - Holiday In Berlin (with lyrics)(Incl. Would You Like A Snack?) - Inca Roads / Easy Meat (just approx. 60 seconds here, but 7 min. on Tenga...) - Cruisin For Burgers - Concentration Moon - Palladin Routine

From late show - Call Any Vegetable

See also the "Tenga..." boot info

Conceptual Continuity