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Frank Zappa, elsewhere on the net...

Official Sites

General Fansites

Latest News

  • zappa.hu - Zappa news from the Hungarian Frank Zappa Society
  • United Mutations News, musicians biographies/timeline and more
  • Idiot Bastard - news and reviews from UK-based Andrew Greenaway
  • KUR's Hot Poop - weblog focused on Zappa news, articles and rumours


Tour/Trading Related


Online Audio

The following sites provide FZ audio in a strictly non-commercial way:

  • Zappateers - Zappa live shows via bittorrent (lossless shn/flac)
  • Internet Jam Sessions - alternative collaborative versions of existing FZ tunes
  • UMRK Lossless Trading Hub - Zappa ROIO'S & VOIO'S (lossless shn/flac/ape/...)
  • UMRK Hub Forum - Forum for the UMRK Lossless Trading Hub (trade list and links for audio & video or direct connect freeware & shareware)
  • Hipidetripi - Site shut down, lots of bootlegs were available (mp3)
  • The Chrome Dinette - Site shut down, an entire album was offered each month (Real Audio)

Online Stores


Tribute Bands






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