Excerpt From "The Uncle Frankie Show"

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Here's another thing that you can do on a piano if you have one around, if you get tired of playing Home On The Range by Colors, you have to learn two different kinds of backgrounds. You can do them both in the key of C an you'll be alright. The first one is like this:
(Plays a I vi ii V progression)
That one's pretty easy to master, and then there's another one which isn't too tricky either:
(Plays an excruciatingly similar I IV progression)
Those backgrounds, those two backgrounds will work for, oh, I think it's a total of FIFTEEN THOUSAND different rock and roll songs that you can all sing at parties.

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"In 1959 Frank showed up at the Pomona College campus radio station and aired The Uncle Frankie Show ... that is until they found out he wasn't a student."

Kevin Courrier, Dangerous Kitchen: The Subversive World of Zappa (page 55) ECW Press, 2002

In fact the shows were recorded at Studio Z in late 1964 for broadcasting on KSPC where Zappa had a regular show.

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