Eric Bogosian

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Eric Bogosian (April 24, 1953) is an American actor, playwright, performance artist and novelist. He has worked in television and film with directors such as Robert Altman, Paul Schrader and Woody Allen.

Blood On The Canvas (1986) was commissioned by the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art. It featured interviews and Synclavier music by FZ. Recordings were to be made available on cassette from the museum's bookstore (1986/1987). No copies are known to have been released.

"Wake Up and Listen to Eric Bogosian", November 03, 2004, DVD Talk, Danielle Henbest interviews Eric Bogosian: "I was fortunate to know Frank Zappa before he passed away and he was the kind of guy who would sort of do this artsy stuff, but he’d have this great sense of humor behind it, too."

"It was great working with him. It was strange, like I had never met my real parents or something, and then one day, I'm sitting with this person and going, "Oh, he's got eyes like me, he's got hair like me, I'm related to this guy". It was like that psychically, you know. I'd forgotten that before there was Richard Pryor, before there was Richard Foreman or Richard anybody, Frank Zappa had shaped my nascent teenage mind with a certain brand of cynicism and a certain sense of humor. Basically in the Sixties, it was MAD Magazine and Frank Zappa that told me the way I was going to think about the world." (Eric Bogosian in Blood On The Canvas)