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[[Category:Discography]] [[Category:Zappa Per Album]]
[[Category:Discography]] [[Category:Zappa Per Album]]
== Release Info ==
== Release Info ==

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Release Info



The Ensemble Modern: Peter Rundel, Hilary Sturt, Thomas Fichter, Catherine Milliken, Wolfgang Stryi, Franck Ollu, William Formann, Uwe Dierksen, Daryl Smith, Ueli Wiget, Rumi Ogawa-Helferich, Detlef Tewes, Mathias Tacke, Friedemann Döhn, Dietmar Wiesner, Roland Diry, Veit Scholz, Stefan Dohr, Michael Gross, Michael Svoboda, Hermann Kretzschmar, Rainer Rsÿmer Andreas Bsÿttger Jürgen Ruck - L. Shankar, Frank Zappa


This album consists of outtakes from rehearsals for The Yellow Shark.

Conceptual Continuity