Donald Woods

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The songs of that period were locked into a choice of three formula/flavors: I-VI-IV-V ("Earth Angel"), or I-II-I-II ("Nite Owl"), or I-IV-V ("Louie Louie"). Very seldom would you hear a III chord or a flat VII chord -- or hear someone going from I to flat VII. There were only a few examples of that type of harmonic deviation during the fifties -- the best one being "This Paradise" by Donald Woods and the Bel-Aires on Flip -- so our chord progressions were not exactly part of that tradition.

-The Real Frank Zappa Book

Donald Woods originally recorded as a Medallion with Vernon Greene. He split from Green taking several Medallions with him to form The Bel-Aires; who were also known as the Vel-Aires when backing Woods.

Recorded Death Of An Angel/Man From Utopia (Doris Woods-Donald Woods) - Donald Woods and The Vel-Aires with Ray Johnson Combo (Flip Records 45-306, 1955)