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Diva Zappa at age 12 or 13. Photo from her Yearbook at Landmark West School, Encino California, 1992.

Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa (July 30, 1979) was Frank and Gail Zappa's second daughter and youngest child. She is the sister of Moon Zappa, Dweezil Zappa and Ahmet Zappa.

According to The Real Frank Zappa Book she owed her name to the fact that she cried so loud Zappa felt she sounded like an opera diva.

Diva inspired two titles of Zappa's songs, namely Chana In De Bushwop (for which she co-wrote the lyrics) and Mõggio. She also invented the name of Marshmoff the cat. Diva was additionally a special guest during Zappa's Tours/1988.

Diva sang Girlie Woman and When the Ball Drops on The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle (2006) and Alice and Espanoza on The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAA Birthday Bundle (2008). She performed on and wrote liner notes for 200 Motels - The Suites (2015).

Diva also sang on Dweezil Zappa's album Havin' A Bad Day (1986). On her own single When the Ball Drops (1999) Tipper Gore and her daughter Kristin played drums.

In 2007 Diva played a guest role in The Mighty Boosh episode Party, appearing alongside Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.

"DIVA" is one of the stars in the "One Size Fits All" (1975) "universe". However, this is an addition of the CD re-release, as she was born four years after the original vinyl release.

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